The influence of Nature on Food Plating and Interior Design

by 1 May 08, 2016

I've always been interested in the way nature inspires design.  Being that nature is the ultimate design, I wanted to illustrate the influence it has on Food Plating and Interior Decor. I love jewel tones and the way they add instant glamour to any space.  Stacks of exotic Melons, Grapes and Apples is a thing of beauty!  A chèvre cheese platter with figs, red grapes and kiwi is reflective of the lime green tufted sofa, burnt orange arrangement of mums and fuchsia patterned pillows. [gallery size="full" columns="4" ids="4886,4887,4890,4891"] Black sand beaches are a sight to behold.  There's something really magical about them.  I've never been to this beach in Tahiti, but I did visit One'uli Beach in Maui where the black sand is incredibly soft due to its fine texture.  There are two types of black sand; Placer and Volcanic.  Placer black sand is indicative of other valuable mineral deposits and tends to be fine in texture.  Volcanic is rock like pebbles formed from nearby Volcanos. I think the orange and brown leaves on the black sand mirror the colors in the plated pork chop with roasted vegetables.  The aubergine linen napkin with the raw fringe edge mirrors the fuchsia floral arrangement.  The driftwood base on the coffee table ties in the beach. [gallery size="full" ids="4898,4897,4899"] I like the current trend of using natural raw wood with a neutral background and green accents.  Laurel Hardware is a hardware store I used to frequent in West Hollywood that's now a great farm to table restaurant called none other than, Laurel Hardware.  Go figure!  The interior was designed by Sam Marshall, a member of the team who designed the amazing restaurant Gjelina in Venice that recently celebrated the opening of their 2nd restaurant in Manhattan.  A true testament to how well Gjelina is doing.  It's not often we see restaurants that start on the west coast to then expand to Manhattan, it's usually the other way around. [gallery size="full" ids="4912,4902,4903"] Minimalist plating is a big trend that seems to get better with time.  Some of it is really beautiful, staged, but effortless at the same time, if that makes sense.  Fuchsia and Orange are complimentary colors.  I love the simplicity of the calla lily bouquets, the plated beet salad on a clean white surface and the mid century teak dining chairs reupholstered in a fuchsia linen. [gallery size="full" ids="4907,4905,4908"] For my final entry, I was immediately inspired by the picture of a flowering tropical plant called a Heliconias that resembles a Bird of Paradise.  This particular version is referred to as "Eden Pink" due to it's pink flowers.  Thank you Pinterest for providing endless inspiration!  The pink color of the tuna sashimi juxtaposed against the slices of cucumber looks so refreshing.  The interior with emerald green/kelly green walls, fuchsia pink French doors and the Vintage Asian Porcelain Statuette is from Elle Decor Indonesia. [gallery size="full" ids="4913,4914,4915"] Pinterest Elle Decor Indonesia Laurel Hardware Gjelina  Heather Cristo NY Times Food Section City of Z Design  



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