Raymond Loewy, "The Father of Industrial Design"

by 1 April 24, 2016

Raymond Loewy whose nickname was "Lucky Raimon" was born on November 5, 1893 in Paris France.  LoweyPortrait Mr. Loewy worked as a fashion illustrator for high end department stores like Bonwit Teller from 1926-1928. 71927-bonwit-teller-1927-evening-gown-coat-raymond-loewy-hprints-comIn 1929, Raymond's career took an unexpected turn when he was commissioned by British manufacturer Sigmund Gestetner to redesign a mimeograph.  Loewy's revolutionary design became known as the Gestetner Duplicator.  Loewy instituted a style of design he called "streamlining" and is credited for the origin of the term and the streamline style. cda933b0c61e1eea714928e04686ef00 The success of Loewy's Gestetner Duplicator led to a very long and prestigious career in Industrial Design.  Just some of Loewy's many designs include the Steam Locomotive and the 1963 Avanti Automobile. [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="4781,4783,4782,4784"] In 1946, world renowned Architect, Albert Frey designed a rather swanky vacation home for Raymond Loewy and his family in Palm Springs.  The house located at 600 Panorama Road, became the site of many celebrity gatherings. [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="4795,4792,4791,4794,4793,4796"] On October 3,  1949, Raymond Loewy made the cover of Time Magazine. TimeMagOct311949   In the late 1940's, the Mengel Furniture and Lumber Company based in Kentucky, hired Mr. Loewy to design several pieces of furniture. [gallery size="full" ids="4797,4798,4799"] Raymond Loewy spent the latter years of his life living with his wife in Monte Carlo, Monaco where he died on July 14, 1986 at the age of 92. Machine Age http://www.cityofzdesign.com/collections/local-vintage-picks Loewy-Signature COZLogoForSocialMedia



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