20 Expert Tips For More Stylish Christmas Decor

by 1 November 30, 2016

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I've searched high and low to round up the most beautiful & unique Christmas decor from around the Globe.  Whatever your style, I hope you find inspiration! Emily Thompson Christmas Tree - Verandah Magazine Emily Thompson of Emily Thompson Flowers created this stunning Christmas Tree garlanded with Grevellea, Cedar Boughs and Queen Anne's Lace.  No need for Christmas bulbs.  Some white twinkle lights is all you'd need. Found in Verandah Magazine. Christmas Pinecones by Type Florist and Event Stylist Fleur McHarg created a lovely still life of the different pine elements she used to create her garland. Photo - Vogue Australia Designer Garland Made From Different Types of Pine   I love the organic shape of this dark green garland by Florist and Event Stylist Fleur McHarg   Photo - Vogue Australia Gold Crowns hung from chains covered in Ivy-Christmas Decor in England A grouping of suspended gold metal crowns seems fitting of an English home.  I like the rusted patina on the crowns.  You could also just spray paint some metal crowns with an Antique Gold paint.  Obscuring the chains with ivy was a nice touch.  You could also weave green or burgundy velvet ribbon throughout the chains.  The Cobalt blue wall makes for a nice backdrop. Image via House and Garden UK These hand painted black on white Christmas bulbs are really special.  Keeping your Christmas decor to just 2 or 3 colors can help to create a more stylized look.  The Swedes and Norwegians are experts when it comes to this kind of minimalist earthy yet chic look. Image - Marina Giller - Tumblr Scandinavian Christmas Decor A branch of mini pine cones adorned with small Christmas bulbs adds a lot of charm to this small grouping. Image - Marina Giller Jewel Tone Christmas Decor Broste Copenhagen, a beautiful Home Goods Shop in you guessed it, Copenhagen styled this Jewel toned Christmas Decor still life. Christmas Tree Created on Wall Using Twinkle Lights as Outline An alternative or possible addition to decorating a real Christmas tree is to create one on a wall using twinkle lights as an outline.  The entire family could chip in by using old post cards, wild flowers and mementos. Image from French By Design Interior Designer Ben Pentreath Home Decorated for Christmas British Interior Designer Ben Pentreath has created an incredibly warm and inviting space in the Bloomsbury home  he shares with husband and Floral Designer, Charlie McCormick.  Although more traditional in design, there's nothing rudimentary about this space.  I like the use of different patterns and furniture styles.  The antique cane chair and woven ethnic basket work beautifully with the masculine striped rug.   The garland created by Charlie McCormick that surrounds or rather engulfs the mirror is a thing of beauty. Photograph - House and Garden UK Ben Pentreath has an eponymous home goods shop in London that's definitely worth a visit - Pentreath & Hall Charlie McCormick's Floral Shop - McCormick Old Money Christmas An English Manor where style meets tradition.  I love the fringed velvet sofa, Tartan fabric and Aubusson rug.  The Garland Canopy made from Fall Leaves, Pine and Citrus feels just right for this space. Nicolas Smith Photography for Country Living Renovated Victorian House with all White Interior decorated with Pine Boughs for Christmas Touches of Green Pine throughout this all white, newly renovated home just outside of Sweden looks effortlessly chic. Photographer:  Mari Eriksson                                                         Stylist:  Johanna Flyckt and Marie Delice Karlsson Image found in Home Life Australia Lanterns decorated with Pine and Fairly lights hang from Red Ribbons in Florence, Italy These Pine wrapped black Lanterns with Fairy Lights and Red Ribbon at the Piazza Santa Croce in Florence are really beautiful. Image Via All For Christmas All White Christmas Decor in Amsterdam Sukha meaning "Joy of Life" in Sanskrit is a beautiful Home Goods shop in Amsterdam dedicated to carrying local, sustainably sourced products.  I love the white on white theme with touches of greenery.  The handmade paper garlands are a lovely touch. Image from Vosges Paris Handmade Dried Flower Garland This Garland made from dried flowers and pods was created by Designer Shane Powers.  For a full tutorial please visit the link. Image via California Home Design Deep Red Peonies, White Protea and Dark Green Leaf Centerpiece of Christmas Table decorated with Gilded Chargers and Black Matte Plates Deep red Peonies, White Protea and Dark Green Leaves combined with the Gold chargers makes for a dramatic Christmas Table. Image via Domino Magazine French Home Christmas Decorations Using Olive Branches This adorable family in the South of France utilized Olive branches to cover a metal chandelier with concentric circles.  I love the pale pink & cream ornaments hanging from the chandelier.  It's a nice color palette.  Sticking to just 2-3 colors can create a more stylized, elegant effect. Image via - The House Directory Kumquat & Pine Wreath One of my favorite wreaths.  I love the green and orange kumquats mixed with Pine.  The Umber Ribbon Strap is a nice touch. Image via Carla Aston Elegant, Danish Table Decor , low box filled with tapered white candles surrounded by small white florals A collection of tapered white candles in a low box filled with small white and green plants makes an elegant, simple centerpiece. Image - Femina.dk Vegetarian Christmas Appetizer A Vegetarian option for a Holiday appetizer is this festive Burrata Cheese topped with Chopped Fig, Pine nuts and Fresh Mint.  Click link for recipe. Image via House and Garden UK Gorgeous Holiday cake, Gingered Fruit cake adorned with Citrus and Spices I've never been a huge fan of Fruit Cakes, but this Ginger Citrus version with Cream Cheese Icing looks and sounds pretty amazing.  Link to recipe in Link. Image Via Domestic Gothess And finally, Nature can be the greatest inspiration of all. Red Cardinal on Pine Tree in Snow Red Cardinal on Pine Tree with Snow Image via Studio Hewitt Holly Berry Plant Covered in Ribbons of Snow. Image via Stellaresque42 on tumblr

That's wraps up my 20 Stylish Christmas Decor tips for 2016.

Let us know how you plant to tackle your Christmas Decor this year. Cheers! City of Z Design



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